Pesto Chicken Pasta

It’s no secret that I’m not chicken’s biggest fan. I will almost always choose a red meat over poultry. That being said, when I do cook chicken (because other people get tired of beef everyday lol), I strive to make it as tasty as possible! I usually love to have it mixed with things, especially flavorful and creamy sauces. It’s also quite helpful in my opinion to do chicken shredded in the instant pot. This recipe has all of those attributes, and I fully enjoy eating this simple meal.

This recipe really came about after a few different variations at different times, while I was trying to put things together quickly on a weeknight with minimal effort (actually…I’m pretty sure this is how all of my recipes come about).

Everyone who I’ve made this for has enjoyed it - and it’s one of the only ways we enjoy zoodles.

To save more time on this recipe - use a good quality store-bought pesto and pre-spiralized zoodles. If you have the few extra minutes, you can do it yourself to save a couple bucks as well. You can go here for my quick paleo pesto recipe!


Pesto Chicken Pasta

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