Anytime Breakfast Skillet

It seems to me that people get stuck the most on what to make for breakfast. I remember I had a struggle too, it’s a real mind shift when you come from eating muffins and waffles for breakfast, now you need to eat meat and vegetables? Below is a tried and true recipe that we often make in the Vonderheid home. it’s quite simple and doesn’t require a lot. I call this a breakfast skillet, but I have made this for any meal, I don’t discriminate! I don’t share specific measurements, for the sake of time and energy for the cook, you! Cooking isn’t an exact science, you may find you like certain things cooked more or less, or with less or more onions for example, and that’s okay! If you love runny egg yolks like me, you’ll want to cook them just long enough so that the whites look solid! I hope you enjoy!

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