Bacon Pesto Broccoli Recipe

Chris tends to get much more creative than me in the kitchen, although I’m learning from him and getting much better! I always told him he should have gone to culinary school, but I think he actually does pretty great on his own, adding a culinary spin to simple meals that anyone can make. We don’t like to measure, because pulling out all of our measuring cups and spoons is not the business. We do a lot more eyeballing, or adding something until it looks and tastes right. This is why you won’t see any exact measurements on most of our recipes, but rather, general measurements that don’t require you to dirty up too many dishes. We’re in a dishwasher-less home, so hey, I don’t like to create TOO much work for myself!


We love broccoli over here, and we may or may not have been asked if we were juicing because of the volume of broccoli we were buying from Whole Foods. But this recipe here is a delicious step up, adding a fan favorite of bacon, and Chris’ personal favorite, pesto! This recipe would work great for meal prep, breakfast, lunch, and depending how much you make, dinner or as a side dish to dinner. But it does have all you need, veggies, healthy fat, and protein! If you try out this recipe, share with me on the gram with the hashtag #heirloomhealthyeats, we hope you enjoy!

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