Do you want to be done with confusion & struggling surrounding how you should eat?

Back to roots program:


Lifestyle redesign

Reset your hunger hormones

Learn to eat intuitively

Find food freedom

what to expect:

Feeling free from unhealthy cravings

More energy

Less bloating

Feel more in tune with your body

Get to your ideal weight

We do this through 1:1 intuitive coaching so you can achieve long lasting results.

What Clients Are Saying:

Amanda is very knowledgeable and thorough. Every time I talk with her, she is very helpful and supportive. Just a few days after starting the BTR program, I noticed a big difference. I didn’t realize how bloated I was until I changed my eating habits. I was pretty addicted to sugar, so I was worried I would have major withdrawals. Thankfully, I only got a slight headache for a couple of days. After a couple of weeks, I noticed I had a lot more energy and my joints were not as stiff. One of my goals is to lower my blood pressure. I have been taking medicine for 20 years. After 30 days, I was able to reduce my blood pressure medicine by half! I believe eventually, I will be able to cut it out completely. I have found that eating healthy doesn’t need to be punishment. I have found some tasty recipes that my whole family loves, even my 15-year old. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to take charge of their health.
For Several years, my husband suffered from high blood pressure and was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and I have been a typical yo-yo dieter and was tired of going around the same mountain. We both knew it was tim to make a change, but wanted it to be healthy and realistic. For the first time, we decided we didn’t want a quick fix. Within two weeks of eliminating foods that caused inflammation, my husband was able to get off of his high blood pressure medicine. Within a month, I had more energy than before and have been sleeping much more soundly. We have both lost weight and are continuing our journey to getting healthier.
I am a very health conscious person already. I exercise six days a week and eat organically as much as possible. Because of this, I was a little skeptical about being coached by this young PHC, Amanda. To my surprise, she was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and skepticism with ease. One of the biggest impacts on me was the shopping trip. I learned a lot of the things I was buying wasn’t as healthy as I thought. Amanda taught me what to look for on the labels. The first week of this new healthy eating, I was about 50% in and I still lost a couple of pounds. After a couple of weeks, I lost another 10 pounds and felt less bloated. After a few weeks, I got more serious and noticed even more energy than I usually have and my exercises became longer and more intense. After three months, I lost about 20 pounds. This experience has been great and making substitutions for a healthier lifestyle was not as hard as I expected.
This program has changed my relationship with food, and really helped me mentally. I never realized how much I used food to cope with things emotionally. I never thought that I could ever stop having cravings for junk food and sweets. It was such a relief to know that I can eat food that not only helped me to lose weight but get me really, really healthy, and be delicious! Before I even started losing much weight, my heart got better, my blood work improved, my fatty liver went away, I stopped having heartburn every night and stomach aches every morning, I started sleeping better, my mood improved, I gained way more energy. I even started performing a lot better at work, and I actually finally had energy to go workout. The mental fogginess I had went away, I am now able to process faster and make quicker decisions, I feel more sharp, aware and alert. My back was in a lot of pain before I changed my diet, it was chronic pain for years. Doctors weren’t able to help much, medicine didn’t help, physical therapy only helped a little. I had given up and just assumed that would be the rest of my life, and just a few weeks into changing my eating habits, my back started feeling better, before I even lost much weight. Now I can live a very active life and my back doesn’t bother me everyday, and I feel great!