The Hype around Supplements

There's a lot of information out there regarding supplements. I can't even keep up with how many different programs there are out there claiming to be the magic pill to either cure something, to give you more energy, or to help you lose weight, while you continue to keep everything else the same, habits, eating, etc.

Just to make it very clear... these are all gimmicks.

Most everything that these products claim to do, can actually be worked out with a proper whole foods based diet.

Watch out for weight loss supplements, appetite suppressants, and things of the like. These are just bad at their core.

Now, other things like protein powders, and pre-workouts, I honestly don't recommend on a regular basis.  Need an energy boost before a workout? Try something natural like coffee or caffeinated tea! Need some extra protein? It's easy enough to get it from whole foods with a hard boiled egg or a good clean meat stick, or you can do some collagen peptides in that coffee, two in one! If you MUST take one of these supplements, seriously look closely at the ingredients!

Are there any supplements I do recommend?

Yes! While I do believe in getting your nutrients from whole foods, I do know that sometimes you just can't. So what are you lacking in? That's what you'll want to explore supplements for, if you aren't able to get enough through diet alone. Although, I can't stress enough how important it is to check the ingredients - some crazy stuff can be snuck into those little pills!

The brand I recommend: Primal Nutrition, I know that their supplements are clean and I can feel good about putting them into my body! (You can also find these on Thrive Market!)

What I take personally:

  • Vitamin D - During the winter, I know I'm not getting close to enough sun to fulfill my need for vitamin D, and since it's not easy to get through food, I supplement with Primal Sun.

  • Omegas - I know I'm not getting enough Omega-3 on a daily basis, so I supplement with Primal Omegas.

  • Adaptogenic Calm - Also called Primal Calm. I've struggled since I've taken on starting a business with stress, and this has honestly made a surprising difference for me with helping me manage stress well.

  • Probiotics - a huge key to healthy gut! I try to get some good fermented foods in, but I definitely don't every day. If i don't eat some sauerkraut or drink some kombucha, I'll take some Primal Probiotics to ensure I'm keeping my gut health a priority!

  • Prebiotics - Now, I actually put raw potato starch in some almond milk every night to take these pills, and that works as a prebiotic supplement to also aid in gut health, it feeds the healthy gut bacteria (AKA the probiotics)!

I hope this can serve as a reminder to not trust marketing tactics, but to check the ingredients for yourself, and honestly above all else, eat nutritious foods!

To learn more about how I can help you gain energy and feel amazing long term through intuitive eating and whole foods - book a consultation call with me below!