Feel Your Best On Your Summer Trip!

I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to the warmer weather and summer trips! The one problem is when you are starting a new healthy lifestyle, is that on a trip, all of the junk food may not be worth it. When I go on trips, I try to do my best with what I eat 90% of the time, and that other 10%, I’ll treat myself with what’s worth it.  A huge difference I notice when I’m eating healthy vs. not, is my energy. For fun outdoor summer adventures, I definitely want to keep my energy up, so my less than healthy treats are kept to a minimum.

Last year in particular, I was involved with my church’s youth group and took the kids to summer camp. Now, if you have any experience as a youth leader or pastor of any kind, you’ll know how exhausting this is, especially the girls cabin.  The girls like to stay up super late to talk and then we still have to get up early, and it’s constant running around, doing activities, staying on top of where all your kids are...it’s insane. I knew what camp food was like, and I knew how it would make me feel, so I decided to pack lots of fuel for myself so I could be on top of my game throughout the week.

If you’re going on any kind of trip this summer that you want your energy to be at its best and you don’t have access to a kitchen, check out the list of what I brought to summer camp!

  • Medlie’s (Previously Zupa Noma) or Tio Gazpacho - These are awesome for getting some veggies in, Medlie’s even makes some with collagen in it for an extra protein boost!

  • Canned tuna/salmon/chicken*- This is a great way to get some quality protein in. I brought Safe Catch Tuna, the spiced kind for some variety

  • Hard boiled eggs - I boiled a bunch before I left and put them in a cooler, another great protein source!

  • Meat sticks* - Yet another great protein source. I like Mission Meats or Chomps for the sticks, Wild Zora are another favorite

  • Nuts* - I personally love pistachios, so I packed some of those, some almonds, whatever you like! It’s a great way to add some fat in.

  • Cut up veggies - In my cooler, I also added some veggies like carrots chopped up to eat throughout the week.

  • Canned olives - Another great & delicious way to get some healthy fats in , I personally like to just eat them straight out of the can, but you could definitely mix it in with the tuna.

  • Canned coconut milk* - Another great way to get some healthy fats in. You can add it to your coffee or just drink it straight, if you’re into that.

  • Pre cooked bacon - Pederson’s makes a pre cooked bacon that could make your breakfasts more awesome!

  • Ghee packets* - Use this to add to food, or to make butter coffee!

  • Coconut butter packet* - I used this to blend in with my coffee in the morning, makes it quite creamy. It really only works with hot coffee though, FYI. You can also eat it straight, a lot of people do! It’s a great source of fat!

  • Collagen Peptides - Great to add to your coffee, or your gazpacho, either way, it’s a great source of protein!

  • Coffee - Your options here are things like individual pre-made coffee (I like Califia black & white if I don’t want it black), instant coffee (I recommend Four Sigmatic* for added health benefits), or cold brew (I like Chameleon Cold Brew!).

  • Nut butter* - You can do this in packets or in the jar, depends on what works for you on your trip, but it’s a great way to get some healthy fats in & boy is it delicious! My favorite of all time is Nuttzo!

*You can find these on Thrive, and it’s worth it!

So, you can pack for yourself some healthy options so you can be feeling your best, and come home with no regrets! Try incorporating a few of these on your next trip. Tell me what kind of trips you’re planning this year!

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