Tips for Better Sleep

I have always been a pretty good sleeper, especially as an adult.  I generally fall asleep pretty quickly, mostly stay asleep, and tend to wakeup at a decent time even without an alarm. But, as the story of my life goes, I found out that I could be getting a much better quality of sleep through experience.

I decided to dive into sleep recently because my husband, Chris, was having trouble sleeping.  Honestly, his whole life he’s been a bad sleeper.  Ask his parents, they’ll tell you that his sleep was bad from day one.  He’s had ups & downs with his sleep, especially because of anxiety, and finally I decided to learn more about it.

I learned that not getting great sleep can effect more than just our energy and mood, it can also inhibit weight loss and mess with your internal health, hormones and sex drive.  This explained that while his sleep continued to be bad quality, his weight loss plateaued.

Here are a few things we put in place:

  • Lessen the amount of blue light in the evening: We try to go for a walk after dinner instead of watching TV, so that we’re not looking at blue light so late in the evening. Another thing we do is use the himalayan salt lamps instead of a regular lamp. It lets off a more red/pink hue, and it doesn’t induce your stress hormone the same way blue light does.

  • No phones/wifi an hour before bed: We don’t have a clock in our room and use our phones as our alarm, so we just turn our phones on airplane mode and turn them face down around 9PM every night.

  • Keep the bedroom really dark: I have no type of light on when we’re going to sleep and I shut the blinds as much as I can, if you can get blackout curtains, do it! Even the tiniest bit of light can effect your sleep, it doesn’t even have to reach your eyes, your skin sees it too.

  • Magnesium: Most everyone has a magnesium deficiency, so this is a great thing to use just before bed. It is best absorbed into your skin, rather than through a pill.  Get pure magnesium spray and spray about 5 sprays in the middle of your chest and rub it in!

  • Supplements that promote good sleep: Valerian root, you can find that in a tea or a pill (I don’t recommend the tea personally, because it’s gross), chamomile tea, and reishi mushroom (I recommend FourSigmatic reishi drinks!).

I noticed a huge difference with this practices, without even realizing I needed it. My energy is even better during the day, and I love that! As for Chris, he’s falling asleep much faster, he’s sleeping through the night much more often, and he’s feeling better. Not to mention, he’s losing body fat once again!

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