What to do When You're Craving Junk Food

We all have been there, craving junk food. All you can think about is pizza or chips or candy… you’re not alone! This is absolutely normal, especially at the beginning of your health journey. Not only are your taste buds used to the junky stuff, but those foods are literally addictive. so there is a bit of a detox phase. You will have to power through that, and here are a few tips from me to do it successfully!

  1. Eat. If you’re actually hungry, you should eat something. Something healthier, of course, but once you eat, you should feel better at least a bit.

  2. Go for a walk. Sometimes it’s honestly just habit-based. Your nightly routine consists of sitting on the couch with your family and watching a movie or some TV and you just enjoy having a little snack… Shake up your regular routine and take a walk with family or friends. It will distract you from wanting to eat when the cravings are not from true hunger.

  3. Drink some tea. I’m not a big tea person, but it’s nice to have sometimes when I’m tempted to emotionally eat, it’s even better if you enjoy tea!

As you progress in your health journey, you’ll be able to distinguish what you need when you are tempted to eat emotionally and such, and you’ll have established some great habits such as taking nightly walks with the family. It may be a stretch at first, but future you will thank you for taking that leap!

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