Eliminating SAD Foods

Did you know that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is 71% comprised of calories that come from foods foreign to our genetic makeup? Does that surprise you? It surprised me too at first, but let me tell you, once I eliminated these foods and learned why, I felt 10 times healthier and understood the reason! If you want to take the first step into living a healthier life and feeling your best, keep on reading!

First, you’ll want to completely eliminate grains, sugar, and refined high polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

Grains contain anti-nutrients, such as lectins, gluten and phytates. These impair digestion, perforate the intestinal lining, and lead to systemic inflammation and mineral imbalances. So not worth all of the well touted benefits we’re told they have in my opinion. What about fiber, you ask? You can definitely get plenty from vegetables, no need for grains!

High polyunsaturated oils are unstable, prone to oxidation or already oxidized before you buy it! Partially hydrogenated trans fats are directly associated with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Yikes, there’s no reason to be consuming these poisons. Ditch these oils and opt for healthy, beneficial oils, like olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, ghee or grass-fed butter, and even healthy animal fats!

Another thing you’ll want to highly limit are your liquid calories. I get it, I loved my liquid calories too. The sweet coffee shop favorites, juice, even smoothies. These don’t truly satiate, it makes you eat more, there are not many nutrients, and they’re super sugary. Something like a smoothie can be made to have a great macronutrient ratio, but chances are if you look at what you’re blending or ordering now, the macro nutrients wouldn’t be amazing.

Another thing to limit would be dairy. Dairy has allergenic properties and a serious lack of vitamins, not to mention that you can’t really get milk that isn’t processed. Something like 70% of adults in the world are lactose intolerant - that’s a high number! Why is it being pushed so much? I can almost hear you saying “but calcium!” Let me tell you, you can get calcium from many other sources without disrupting your hormones and your digestion. Canned salmon and sardines, almonds, dark leafy greens, and broccoli are all great ways to be sure you’re getting plenty enough calcium.

You can do this! Once you get going, you won’t even feel deprived, and your body definitely won’t be deprived of nutrients!

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